24/7 WEB (Internet) TV

24/7 Internet TV or Web TV has quickly become a great service inclusion for broadcasters of all types and sizes. In today's highly connected world, it makes sense to stream live and on-demand television programming over the Internet. Broadband proliferation, improved computing power and larger (and less expensive) storage capacity have all turned Internet TV into a viable, revenue-generating model. The promise of additional viewership alone is huge - even shows that have been limited to a specific geographic region can suddenly have worldwide saturation through 24/7 Internet TV. And of course, with increased viewership comes additional revenue from both viewers and advertisers, which positively enhances the bottom line.

The opportunities and possibilities of 24/7 Web (Internet) TV are as infinite as your imagination and creativity. You can broadcast multiple videos in multiple formats. Concieve any idea or project relating to videos and 24/7 Web TV will be there to give excellent shape to your dreams.

Why Streamonweb?
Streamonweb has robust and World class world-wide network supported by latest technologies, hardware and software to broadcast any kind of 24/7 Web TV. Not only this, Streamonweb has tremendous experience in all aspects of the matter relating to 24/7 Web TV (Internet) technology

    • Showcase and Broadcast your large product or service range at one place in consumer friendly format by running multiple videos 24/7 on all 365 days of the year.
    • Develop exclusive B2B and B2C 24/7 Web (Internet) TV platforms.
    • Provide mutiple channels to categorize your different products and services.
    • Generate online orders and revenues.
    • Globally expand your business.
    • Attention-grabbing communications to audiences worldwide for any business purpose.
    • Instantly connect with your clients and customers. Build and grow your business exponentially.

    • Complete end to end setup and maintainence with regard to all aspects of 24/7 Web TV.
    • Complete encoding and transcoding of your videos in Single Bit-Rate.
    • Effective, clear and flawless delivery of 24/7 Web (Internet) TV on the web through our robust and world class Global content delivery network.
    • No wait for buffering of videos. Video starts playing instantly.
    • 100% coverage of the end users irrespective of the type of the operating system, browser, player etc. In short our Video delivery Infrastructure is platform Independent.
    • 100% secured network delivery of your videos.

    • Option to have encoding and transcoding of your videos with multi bitrate and in multiple resolutions to enhance the quality of your videos.
    • Dynamic/Adaptive streaming of videos which detects the viewer's bandwidth and delivers the best quality video according to his bandwidth even during playback.
    • You can insert your video/text advertisements before, in-between and after your videos.
    • Protected Streaming (DRM): All your videos are fully protected and cannot be copied, downloaded or stolen.
    • Hot Link Denial: Your videos cannot be embedded at any other website without your permission.
    • GeoIP Locking
    • Limit your webcast to particular IP addresses list
    • 2-pass Strong User Authentication (First pass at Web-Server and second pass at Video Level): Option to restrict 24/7 WEB (Internet) TV to registered users only (Login Module).
    • Pay per view system: Option to sell your 24/7 WEB (Internet) TV through per per view system.

    • General / Entertainment
      - Music Web (Internet) TV
      - Sports Web (Internet) TV
      - News Web (Internet) TV
      - Shows and Theaters
      - Entertainment Web (Internet) TV
      - Movies Web (Internet) TV
      - Kids/Cartoons Web (Internet) TV
      - Shopping Web (Internet) TV
      - Weather Web (Internet) TV
      - Fashion Web (Internet) TV
      - Soaps Web (Internet) TV

      - Business Web (Internet) TV
      - B2B Web (Internet) TV
      - B2C Web (Internet) TV
      - Spiritual/Religious/Faith Web (Internet) TV
      - Meditation Web (Internet) TV
      - Yoga Web (Internet) TV
      - Wellness Web (Internet) TV
      - Lifestyle Web (Internet) TV
      - Educational Web (Internet) TV

Which plan is right for you?
Please give us a call at (+91) 98.915.88899 / (+91) 9871.9871.44 to discuss about 24/7 Web TV or click here to fill out our Custom Solution Form and get an idea of your requirements and pricing.

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