eLearning Streaming Solutions

Whether your goal is to build a premier online video web site and monetize your video content, or if you're simply looking to increase your existing site's charm by adding strategically placed video content, we can help you deliver compelling, high-quality user experiences. The Streamonweb's Content Delivery Network (CDN) is built for cross-platform support for the on-demand streaming of rich media content to any browser or desktop and also to all leading mobile phones. We offer several pre-built player options, and we can work with you to implement advanced player functionality for your Flash and Silverlight driven videos.

Why Streamonweb?
Our solutions are "true" streaming because the user can skip to any point in the stream at any time. This is especially useful for delivering long-form content. And when combined with another advanced capability called "bandwidth throttling," we can deliver a robust streaming experience at lower price points. The way our network is built, we deliver these solutions at the industry's highest bit-rates, with best features and at extremely competitive prices.

  • Education and information reach to a lot of places which would not have otherwise due to either the distance or economic feasibility.
  • Live webcasting services in this field increase the digital literacy in the population, especially in India where the mission of national digitalisation has been gaining momentum.
  • Live streaming is flexible and allows people the choice in matters of their learning preferences.
  • It promotes a multi-modal learning plan or framework which is organically more comprehensive.
  • The delivery of information is far more exciting and often even more engaging than actual face-to-face learning where people shy away from participation.
  • Since the learning is more understandable and diverse through this medium, it makes the retention rates higher, ultimately leading to better results.
  • The testing and evaluation processes in the educational framework are also becoming more efficient and easier to keep a record of.

Similar to how regular teaching can be optimized with the help of webcasting, educational events live webcasting is also equally if not more beneficial to all parties involved. The definite pros of live streaming educational events like workshops, lectures, seminars etc are countless.

Which plan is right for you?
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