Simulated Live Streaming Webcast

You can webcast single or multiple video files in single or multiple time zones. You can choose to webcast different files in different Timezones in Live broadcast format. Just provide us your video files, set the order in which you'd like them to play, schedule a start time, choose single or multiple Timezones and you're in business!

Why Streamonweb?
With Streamonweb's Services, your Simulated Live Webcast is completely outsourced to and managed by us. There is no capital expense relating to either support staff or infrastructure costs. You just need to provide us with the Videos and we will manage all the aspects of the Simulated Live Webcast with little-to-no effort from the customer. Get started with "Simulated" Live Streaming today!

    • Save Time and reduce costs by publishing and webcasting same video files to different people having different Timezones at multiple locations.
    • Stay connect with your clients and customers. Build and grow your business exponentially.
    • Increase viewership: People are used to watching TV and listening to radio, where the content is available at a specific time. Your audience is more likely to watch or listen to content that is streamed "live" than if it is available any time. You can broadcast your videos online just like a professional television or radio station does.
    • Broadcast your launches, conferences, seminars and events as Simulated Live on the web and also on leading mobile devices to any location world-wide.
    • Globally expand your audiences, broad-base your participants and widen your reach instantly and in real time.
    • Attention-grabbing communications to audiences worldwide for any business purpose.

    • Complete end to end setup including encoding, streaming and embedding in your website on the webpages of your choice.
    • Complete encoding and transcoding of your videos in Single Bit-Rate.
    • In case you do not have a website, we provide a webpage with a dedicated URL for your Simulated Live Webcast.
    • Effective, clear and flawless delivery of Videos on the web through our robust and world class Global content delivery network.
    • We just need video files, order in which you'd like them to play, Timezones and a start time. Rest the technical part is taken care by us.
    • No wait for buffering of videos. Video starts playing instantly.
    • Latest and most effective Streaming technology supported by latest hardware and software.
    • 100% coverage of the end users irrespective of the type of the operating system, browser, player etc. In short our Video delivery Infrastructure is platform Independent.
    • 100% secured network delivery of your videos.
    • All your videos are hosted on our Content Delivery Network(CDN) and thus, you save your web space.
    • All your videos are played through our cloud using our bandwidth. Thus, you save your expensive Bandwidth.

    • Simulated Live Webcast is also available on all leading mobile devices including Iphone, Blackberry etc.
    • Option to have encoding and transcoding of your videos with multi bitrate and in multiple resolutions to enhance the quality of your videos.
    • Dynamic/Adaptive streaming of videos which detects the viewer's bandwidth and delivers the best quality video according to his bandwidth even during playback.
    • You can insert your video/text advertisements before, in-between, after your Simulated Live Webcast.
    • Protected Streaming (DRM): All your videos are fully protected and cannot be copied, downloaded or stolen.
    • Hot Link Denial: Your videos cannot be embedded at any other website without your permission.
    • GeoIP Locking
    • Limit your webcast to particular IP addresses list
    • 2-pass Strong User Authentication (First pass at Web-Server and second pass at Video Level): Option to restrict Simulated Live streaming to registered users only (Login Module).
    • Pay per view system: Option to sell your Simulated Live streaming through per per view system.

  • Organizational / Entertainment
    - Music Concerts
    - Religious Pujas / Ceremonies
    - Sporting Events
    - Press Conferences
    - Red Carpet Premieres
    - TV/Radio Shows

    Personal / Social Events
    - Sermons and Oratory
    - Weddings / Marriages (WEDcast)
    - Birthday Parties
    - Family Occasions
    - Reunions

    Education and Instruction
    - Training and Coaching
    - Online Instruction
    - Web Based Distance Learning
    Events Business and Industry
    - Conferences
    - Seminars
    - Presentations
    - Commercial Events

    Corporate Webcast
    - AGM
    - Investor Meets
    - Product Launches
    - Advertising
    - Corporate Addresses
    - Lectures
    - Corporate Announcements
    - Professional Development & Training Tutorials
    - Other Corporate Events

Which plan is right for you?
Please give us a call at (+91) 98.915.88899 / (+91) 9871.9871.44 to discuss Simulated Live Streaming plans or click here to fill out our Custom Solution Form and get an idea of your requirements and pricing.