Video Conferencing Services

Nowadays, innovations in generation have made a pathway to achievement and productiveness in all business domains. Streamonweb has been a medium for the technology to reach you. Discussing approximately cloud video communications, meetings answer is used for IT led deployments. you can painlessly schedule and join any meeting conveniently. No hardware want to be installed or controlled plus the customers are given the capability of real-time carrier Intelligence. With business conferences software program, you could have get right of entry to to video communications thru room, laptop and cellular gadgets.

Why Streamonweb?
Streamonweb’s Video conferencing can be deployed under your company’s brand and logo, it’s off-the-shelf, you can have it up and running in just few days, not weeks, not months. Save Money! Save Time…and beat your competition!

A face-to-face meeting, whether in person or over video, is more personal than a phone call or an email. Relationships develop faster with face time. Those in sales, for instance, who are looking to build a relationship versus simply complete a transaction understand the value of video calling. So do doctors working remotely, or anyone who is part of a team that can’t always meet in person.

Unlike many other video conference platforms, users don’t need to download any applications. They just go to their secure Streamonweb’s secure URL and Voila! It provides the ability to join a video meeting over any browser supporting that technology by supporting all major browsers on the market: Chrome, iOS, Opera, Android, Firefox.

Instead of sending out a meeting request to Ms. Neeta asking to show her the benefits of your new widget and requesting that she download an application or client to - hopefully - talk on Monday, You can send a Streamonweb’s VC invite and she can launch the meeting directly in her browser. It adds simplicity for sales teams and their prospects and brings value by facilitating the start of a new relationship. Plus, it eliminates potential excuses for not attending a meeting!

Not all video calls are created equal. It defeats the purpose to suggest a call or video conference if it’s difficult for the other party to join. Perhaps your sales prospect doesn’t have Skype for Business or has difficulty getting into a WebEx meeting or connecting to a video conference.

It is a simple, user friendly video conference tool but has many of the features which businesses are looking for like:

  • Messaging
  • Responsive for mobile and desktop browsers
  • Multi-layout options
  • Camera rotation
  • Mute participants
  • And more

Additionally, you have the option of customizing, adding on features if necessary or, we can also build something completely new if the gap is too wide. We are globally recognized real-time communication experts.

In a room video conferencing system, with Streamonweb’s video conferencing, there is no IP address required to start a conference call.

Which plan is right for you?
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