Election Monitoring: Live Webcasting Election Video

To watch out for Polling Booths, we furnish an Administrative auto observing framework with a verified Video Streaming Surveillance Camera to screen each Polling Booth. The framework is furnished with Load sharing cloud CDN arrangement to guarantee 100% video stream accessibility. Our indigenously created data transfer capacity conglomeration and Video pressure innovation gives a top-notch video of each Polling Booth at low transmission capacity. So as to maintain a strategic distance from any acts of neglect in the Election Polling Booth and to guarantee Transparency in the Elections, all the Election procedures of the delicate Election settings must be checked live from the Central office. Live Webcast empowers the Election focus chairman to see every competitor during the Election session and to allude any suspicious conduct to a local focus where the video can be evaluated. In this manner, our extremely objective is to give Total Technology Solutions explicitly to observation and checking angles.

Streamonweb implements real time webcasting surveillance solutions. Election Polling booth will carry Streamonweb’s compact live streaming Cloud CCTV digicam. Cameras’ video feeds can be monitored from central place in actual time the use of net at a speed as little as a hundred kbps over WiFi-broadband or 2G/3G, with the low latency and without any additional hardware requirement. this would make it less difficult for the Election centre administrator to monitor disturbed regions or suspicious establishments in town for the quest of antisocial elements. Streamonweb’s compact and portable camera kit with sensible streaming encoder will stream the real time view via the net at once to the manage centre.

Streamonweb had successfully done India's biggest election live webcast for UP Elections. Election was simultaneously live webcasted from over 10,000+ polling booths on each polling day which was monitored live by Election Commission Officials and public (more than 2 million viewers) on http://www.ceouttarpradesh.nic.in

There was an article about the same in Hindustan Times (HT).
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Administrative vehicle tracking gadget with secured Video Streaming Surveillance digital camera to screen each Election Polling booth. Load sharing cloud CDN setup to ensure a 100% video circulation availability. 24×7 committed customer support via the technical crew.

Patent pending video streaming era for high first-rate video of every Election Polling booth at low bandwidth. Already established and clean to apply cloud-based totally method to all Election Polling booth.

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