Live U Solo

LiveU Solo is a professional-grade wireless video encoder offering one-touch streaming to Facebook Live and YouTube, as well as other popular social media networks and online channels. The light and compact Solo is perfectly suited for any type of mobile use allowing you to stream live video from anywhere.

SIMPLE – STREAM DIRECTLY TO LEADING SOCIAL NETWORKS Just connect LiveU Solo to your camera, log into the web-based Solo portal to select your streaming destination and go live!

RELIABLE – GO LIVE FROM ANYWHERE Solo combines up to four connections (2 cellular modems, Wi-Fi and LAN) and leverages a unique video transmission method - LRTTM. This allows you to deliver rock-solid content in practically every scenario – on the move and in remote or crowded locations.

VERSATILE – ENRICH YOUR LIVE CONTENT With Solo Studio, you have a variety of options to enhance your live feeds: this includes advanced graphics as well as simultaneous streaming to multiple online destinations. Solo can be connected to any professional camera with both SDI and HDMI options, allowing you to live stream video in full HD, going beyond smartphone quality.


GoSolo LiveU Use Cases

LiveU’s live streaming solutions are used by customers worldwide for online news, sports, advertising, education and more. Stream your content directly to Facebook Live and other popular OVPs. Your audience is just one click away!


In Real Life (or IRL) takes the unscripted TV approach to the next level – with live streaming. These content creators are live streaming their daily lives and adventures for global audiences, any time, from anywhere. Whether they are mobile live streaming from the first person perspective or hosting educational programs, talk shows, or cooking shows, IRL live streaming is disrupting the social media landscape.

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Colleges and universities are embracing LiveU live streaming solutions for education because the demand for live content is growing, especially for events and games taking place off campus or far away from existing infrastructure, that would typically be missed by students, parents, and alumni.

“A lot of people think they can’t afford the technology. They are intimidated. In reality, LiveU is one of the more affordable tools that we use.”–Brandon Meier, Broadcast Operations Director, The University of Oklahoma


Bring your content to more potential donors across the world with compelling live content. By streaming a live broadcast from the field, nonprofit organizations are able to convey the urgency of their mission to viewers at home and show their followers the difference they’re making in the field.


Live streaming has been a rising trend in wedding videography, as well as other life and social events. These streams, complete with guest interviews and chat rooms for the viewers, help guests who can’t attend join in on the big day. Take your videography offering to the next level with high-quality live streaming using the plug-and-play LiveU Solo.


Reuters Institute reports that nearly 60% of 18-34 year-olds use online resources as their main source of news and in an era of ‘fake news’, live content seems to be the only dependable medium left. Make sure that you’re providing the most reliable, engaging live stream of your online news coverage available.


As a professional blogger, it is crucial that you deliver unique and engaging content to your followers. Live streamed blogs create a connection between viewers and bloggers, turning one-time viewers into loyal, long-term followers.
With a simple setup and straightforward online management interface, Solo streaming encoder makes it easy to go live from anywhere with a high-quality live stream.


The LiveU Solo video encoder allows local, club and collegiate sports teams to provide their fans with high-quality live streaming of sports team events, games, and interviews with minimal setup or training. With one-touch live streaming to many streaming platforms including major social media networks, Solo wireless encoder takes the stress out of the stream and lets you focus on the game.


Live video challenges the way traditional video hosts think about interacting with followers by allowing their audience to communicate with show hosts in real-time. Make your audience part of the story with engaging live online content.


Imagine being able to bring your next event live to viewers unable to travel to your place of worship or community hall. Whether you want to bring an event to home- or hospital-bound members of your congregation, let out-of-country family members view a wedding or baptism, or broadcast a special holiday service, with Solo you’ll be able to bring it live to anyone who wants to watch from their home computer, tablet or smartphone… whether it’s 10 people or 10,000 people.

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