Embedded online videos - Video On Demand

Whether your goal is to build a premier online video web site and monetize your video content, or if you're simply looking to increase your existing site's charm by adding strategically placed video content, we can help you deliver compelling, high-quality user experiences. The Streamonweb's Content Delivery Network (CDN) is built for cross-platform support for the on-demand streaming of rich media content to any browser or desktop and also to all leading mobile phones. We offer several pre-built player options, and we can work with you to implement advanced player functionality for your Flash and Silverlight driven videos.

Why Streamonweb?
Our solutions are "true" streaming because the user can skip to any point in the stream at any time. This is especially useful for delivering long-form content. And when combined with another advanced capability called "bandwidth throttling," we can deliver a robust streaming experience at lower price points. The way our network is built, we deliver these solutions at the industry's highest bit-rates, with best features and at extremely competitive prices.

    • Broadcast everything you wish to communicate about your products and services through stunning online videos.
    • Reach out to your customers both on the web and also on leading mobile devices.
    • Use online videos of your products and services to quickly convert visitors to your website as your key customers/clients.
    • Expand your customer base and increase your sales and market share through embedded online videos of your products and services.
    • Let your customers fully and effectively appreciate your products and services.
    • Enhance communication and status of your website through embedded online videos.
    • Provide options to your clients, customers to view your videos at a time convinient to them.

    • Complete end to end setup and various solutions for embedding all your videos into your website on the webpages of your choice.
    • Complete encoding and transcoding of your videos in Single Bit-Rate.
    • No wait for buffering of videos. Video starts playing instantly.
    • Option to play video from any of its point on the timeline.
    • Effective, clear and flawless delivery of videos through our world class Global content delivery network.
    • Latest and most effective Video Streaming technology supported by latest hardware and software.
    • 100% coverage of the end users irrespective of the type of the operating system, browser, player etc. In short our Video delivery Infrastructure is platform Independent.
    • 100% secured network delivery of your videos.
    • Unlimited plans to ensure no overages irrespective of number of viewers.
    • Option to change your videos once a month without any extra charge.
    • All your videos are hosted on our Content Delivery Network(CDN) and thus, you save your web space.
    • All your videos are played through our cloud using our bandwidth. Thus, you save your expensive Bandwidth.

    • Language localisation : option to embed captions in your videos in different languages.
    • On-Demand Streaming is also available on all leading mobile phones including Iphone, Blackberry etc.
    • Option to have encoding and transcoding of your videos with multi bitrate and in multiple resolutions to enhance the quality of your videos.
    • Dynamic/Adaptive streaming of videos which detects the viewer's bandwidth and delivers the best quality video according to his bandwidth even during playback.
    • You can insert your video/text advertisements before and after your videos.
    • Protected Streaming (DRM): All your videos are fully protected and cannot be copied, downloaded or stolen.
    • Hot Link Denial: Your videos cannot be embedded at any other website without your permission.
    • GeoIP Locking
    • Limit your webcast to particular IP addresses list
    • 2-pass Strong User Authentication (First pass at Web-Server and second pass at Video Level): Option to restrict video on demand to registered users only (Login Module).
    • Pay per view system: Option to sell your videos on demand through per per view system.

Which plan is right for you?
Please give us a call at (+91) 98.915.88899 / (+91) 9871.9871.44 to discuss Video-On-Demand plans or click here to fill out our Custom Solution Form and get an idea of your requirements and pricing.